How can I make a request for support for my festival/event or project?
Requests for support must be made via our online application form. This helps to ensure that all requests are evaluated based on the same criteria and in a timely manner. Incomplete applications, as well as requests made by email, telephone, mail, or in-person will not be reviewed.
How will I know that my request for support has been received?
An email confirming receipt of your request will be sent to the address provided within 24 hours of application.
When can I expect a decision?
For applications regarding donations under $250 as well as all Community Funding requests, please allow up to 60 days for a response. Decisions regarding applications with July 30 submission deadlines will be made no later than December 31 of the year of application.
I wish to request support from SCBL, however planning for my festival/event/project began after your July 30 deadline – can I still apply?
Applications for support for one-time and/or new festivals/events/projects received after July 30 that are in line with SCBL’s giving principles may still be considered if budgets allow.
Are decisions based solely on the online application form?
Generally speaking, yes. Depending on the level of support requested, festivals/events/projects of interest may be asked to advocate their proposal in person at a later date.


The Confederation Bridge is much more than Prince Edward Island’s connection to the mainland; we are a proud part of the fabric of Island-life and strive to give back to Island communities through our support of many locally-driven initiatives each year.

At the Confederation Bridge, we see the importance in embracing Prince Edward Island’s hidden treasures. PEI is a cultural milieu brimming with opportunity; whether it is a series of musical performances held in the near-perfect acoustical splendor of a century old church; an award-winning theatre festival held in a charming seaside village; or a major sporting event infused with Island hospitality and flair, we help Island communities tell their story to both visitor’s and Islander’s alike.

The Confederation Bridge offers three types of support to organizations:

  1. Donations
    Donations are reserved for registered not-for-profit organizations and charities offering charitable tax receipts.

    Requests for support exceeding $250 must be made by July 30 of the year prior to the anticipated donation year by way of our online application form.

  2. Community Funding
    Community funding is reserved for not-for-profit organizations producing non-tourism generating products. Support is offered in the form of merchandise donations and/or cash/in-kind services.

    Requests for support must be made no later than 90 days prior to event by way of our online application form.

  3. Sponsorship
    Sponsorship is reserved for tourism-generating products. Support is offered in the form of cash/in-kind contributions to qualified applicants.

    Requests for support must:
    • be tailored for Confederation Bridge (generic asks will not be reviewed)
    • offer category exclusivity (i.e. no other ground transportation providers)
    • provide a detailed breakdown of brand exposure
    • be submitted by July 30 of the year prior to sponsorship by way of our online application form

Confederation Bridge encourages creative applications from a wide variety of community groups and organizations; however, during the evaluation process, preference will be given to applications that are in line with one or more of our corporate giving principles: Education, Environmental Awareness and Sustainability, Cultural Advancement (including sport), and Health and Healthy Living; as well as projects with a pronounced tourism focus.

While we strive to be involved in as many locally produced initiatives as possible, some restrictions apply. Confederation Bridge is not able to offer support to:

  • Projects and events benefitting individuals or individual families/groups
  • Personal gatherings or reunions
  • Requests for assistance with travel expenses and trips/tours
  • Political organizations
  • Religious organizations/institutions

To apply for support for your festival/event or project, please follow the link at the bottom of the page to our online application form. Requests for support will not be accepted via any other channel.

All qualified applications will be evaluated on an individual basis; however, please keep in mind that applicants are competing against one another. Confederation Bridge reserves the right to allocate funding/services in a manner that best fits their annual marketing and community objectives.

Festival/Event/Project Profile

Festival/Event/Project name:
Festival/Event/Project location:
Start date: End date:
Nature of festival/event/project:
Business Model:
Scope of festival/event/project:
Estimated Attendance: Off-island:
Community Identity:

Please provide a short description of your festival/event/project.

What are the goals/objectives of your festival/event/project?

Outline the history of your festival/event/project (if applicable). If this is a one-time festival/event/project or is the first year of a recurring festival/event/project, please respond ‘n/a’.

I would like my application to be considered for:

Please provide a detailed outline of any sponsor benefits at the requested funding level.

Does your festival/event/project have any other sponsor levels?
 Yes    No  

If yes, please provide a detailed outline including any sponsor benefits.

What will Confederation Bridge’s contribution be used for?

Does your festival/event/project have a marketing plan?     Yes    No  

If yes, please provide a brief outline below.

In your opinion, how is your festival/event/project a good fit for Confederation Bridge?

If applicable, how has your organization accounted for any environmental management/sustainability concerns associated with your festival/event/project?

Please provide any additional information you feel would be of assistance in our evaluation of your application.

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